New product – “Tere Fit!” line- protein puddings!

I always get super excited when new “my” products are launched into the market. “My products” taste good and macronutrient split is reasonable. Usually, these two things don’t go together-  cheapest way to achieve good taste is to add sugar and fats, a lot of them, and this is the part where I lose my appetite…

Now, to the point: Tere has made a 2.0 version to old and legendary pudding series. I think I almost grew up on them, but to be totally honest- haven’t bought in a while… I had an opportunity to be involved in the production process- to help with new pudding tastes, texture, and macronutrients!


In my personal opinion- I think these puddings turned out really good and I really recommend to try them out!  Don’t worry, I don’t get a dime, so you don’t have to question my intentions here 😉 

In total, they have 3 different flavors: cocoa, vanilla and one of the current most popular flavors in the food industry: salted caramel! One product weighs 150g and comes with a handy spoon.

If you compare regular pudding to fit one, you can see no difference in calories but big difference in macronutrient split. As new puddings are sweetened with stevia, you get less sugar and more useful protein!


100g nutritional informationRegular Tere pudding /New Fit! pudding:

Calories:                                   95 / 102
Fats:                                          2,2 / 2,2
Saturated fats:                        1,2 / 1,2
Carbohydrates:                       15g / 12g
which of sugars:                    12g/ 4,4g
which of polyols                      X / 5,9g
Protein                                  3,5g / 11g
Salt                                       0,15 / 0,18

I found first ones from Rimi but I’m sure they will be everywhere soon. The texture is nicely thick and foamy like one good pudding should be. Of course, we will add this pudding soon to one of the daily menus too! #HelenaMangApproves

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