Daily meal plans

To make your life easier, I have created daily meal plans that include 4 different meals: 3 bigger and 1 smaller. Macros are already balanced and calorie intake is suitable for your lifestyle. You will have access to daily calorie intake calculator– it is really easy to use.

All meals will be ready with no time and you won’t be needing 20+ ingredients.

I want to kill the myth that healthy eating is very expensive and you need to hire a chef to create all those meals. No! It’s the other way around- you won’t be spending more than 15-20 minutes per meal!

To make it even simpler, I have added:

  • Pictures of ingredients and final cooked meal
  • Exact ingredient list with precise amounts
  • Cooking instructions
  • Nutritional information

All you have to do is follow the plan!

You can choose from many different daily meal plans and vegetarian options– and I will be adding them on monthly basis. Just because I can’t see any diet working if you have to eat the same food day after day. How long can you go on like that? I wouldn’t last a week…

Actually, I don’t like to use word “diet” at all, because program what I offer is more like a lifestyle- you can think of it “eating according to your needs and goals”.

Training plans

In addition to meal plans, I have added training plans

Currently  2 weightlifting plans for gym training and 2 plans for home-workout are available.

All training plans are without any extra fee for active members.


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