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Welcome to my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am going to make regular updates about my competition prep- writing absolutely about everything that is related to my training, daily nutrition, my thoughts, feeling and overall being. I am fitness athlete and working out and “eating myself to shape” is part of my job ๐Ÿ™‚

From one side you can say that I am already an experienced competitor- but in the other sense, I am just starting a new page…

To make this blog a little bit more logical, I want to write briefly where everything started and how I have made my way here. So let’s take a quick look 2 years back…

A whole grown-up life I have been involved one way or another with different activities: cycling, running, rollerskating or weight training. It was always just a simple hobby- to move a little and feel better- nothing special.

Fitness as a competitive sport came to my life 2 years ago: I was sitting in the audience of local Estonian Fitness competition, when I first decided that next year, on the same time, I will be on the stage too, next to all the gorgeous competitors. I want to be like them!

I had a quite good starting position (and not the most patient personality) so only after short 4 months- on 2016 autumn- I was on the stage- competing as a bikini fitness athlete.

Next 1,5 years fley by- preparing for competitions or competing. I did 3 seasons in a row which gave me basically no rest between. In fitness, we have 2 seasons- spring and autumn and before that 3-5 month’s long preparation time.

Results over-exceeded our hopes and this kept me going. What can I say- I love this sport and I do it with great passion! Actually, I do it together with my boyfriend Erki. We are inseparable in the kitchen or while training. I have never had a trainer and it’s always been us doing all the decisions about my training and nutrition. From the early days I started to educate myself about dieting, nutrition, training methods- results speak only one thing: we are on the right course!

2016 autumn:

Ben Weider Legacy Cup V place

Riga Pearl Cup I place

Estonian Championships II place

World Championships V place

2017 spring:

Riga open Cup I place

Estonian Cup I place

European Championships III place

Amateur Olympia Marbella III place

2017 autumn:

Arnold Classic Barcelona V place

Nordic Championships II place

Estonian Championships I place

Diamond Cup Milano II place

World Championships III place

2017. IFBB Elite Ranking- ย 8. place:
Elite PRO card win!
Estonian best female fitness athlete of 2017!


When I started competing I didn’t have big expectations- at least not for first few seasons- the goal was to win a local or regional show. But when we saw, that I can stand out even on high-level international competitions… we got hungrier ๐Ÿ˜‰

On the first half of 2017, IFBB created Elite ranking point system- similar to professional tennis- by placing in top 5 on high-level international shows you can earn points to overall year table. My stable high placing resulted in overall 8. place and PRO card win.

Now you can see what I meant earlier with my new page!

First 3 seasons I competed as an amateur- now I am honored to accept PRO card and start again- as a professional!
This card gives me right to compete in PRO competitions, against other pro competitors- same times restricts me from competing in Estonian competitions- as all of them belong to the amateur league.
As I already have gold medals from local shows, in additions medals from (amateur) European and World championships- I decided to move on to next level!

With my transmission from one league to another, I decided to take a little time off as well- as I didn’t rest last 1,5 years at all! Although today this one spring season that I have missed doesn’t seem so long anymore- as of today, only 5 months after last competition its already again time to start preparing for the new season ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, I have little over 4 months to achieve my stage shape.
What is that “stage shape”? It is lower body fat percentage than usual- to allow judges to see muscles and overall proportions and to compare competitors to each other.

On offseason I don’t walk around with that “shredded stage body” – it is not healthy!

My stage weight is around 55kg and on offseasons, I usually gain weight up to 60kg. So its is +4-5kg. I think it is optimal weight gain and I know many other competitors gain 10+ kg but I don’t think it is necessary!

Slowly I am setting my body to diet mode- to cut off those 5 kgs from body fat.

With 4 months to go, it makes on average -1,25kg per month. This is really slow pace! Slower you cut- better the result! If you lose weight too fast, it comes off from muscle mass also. But this has always been my style: better to be stage-ready sooner than later!
But I will write more in my next post!

Take care!



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